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Looking beautiful is desired by everyone, and it does not matter that it is a woman or man. Everyone would like to catch the attraction around them, or in other words, everyone wants to be the topic of other’s conversation. And no doubt for those who enjoy it because they are naturally beautiful, and thy uses some tips as well to enhance it. While there are some others as well who are beautiful already, but with no experience they ended up looking crazy. OR even they ended up looking crazy among their friends. So below are some of the best Beauty Advice which you can use to stay attractive throughout your life.

Nail polish

So first of all when it comes to nail polish everyone wants that it stay for longer, and no doubt there is a way to do that. All you need to do is to add a small amount of nail polish remover in the bottle, and then mix it up for as long as they should completely blend together. Due to this, the lifeline of your nail polish will increase, the only change you will feel is the slight change in the colour which is ignorable. If you are tired of getting grey hairs in a young age, then the best solution is to consume the chutney of curry leaves. Just start using it, and soon you will get your black hairs back.

Feet Cracks

There are many people who are tired of getting cracks on their feet, and then all of them ended up paying a lot of dollars for getting a pedicure. Well as a solution all you need to do is to put some amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly on your feet. It will not just soften your feet, but make them look fresh and make you feel comfortable as well. Just make this as a routine every night or just apply them before going office if you are planning to wear socks and boots there.

Importance of Massages

The reason why there are so many massage parlours in the United States of America is that people over there know its importance very well. After a tiring week of travelling from home to office and then working there non-stop for 8 to 12 hours, people ended up getting massages in their weekends. The reason behind this is that massage is a real helpful activity to rerelease your muscles, improve the blood circulation in your body, and remove the toxins as well which is the main cause of depression.


Next, comes the eyes, which are the most attractive part of the human face. So in order to enhance their beauty, all you need to do is to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on your eyebrows before you are off to bed, as they will increase their shine and make them look perfect. Petroleum gel should not interact with your skin in the summer season. As it will help acne to grow up in hot weather.

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